At 008 Villa we are committed to the environment and our local community. Our ethos is to run our operations in the most sustainable manner without compromising the guest experience.

We have implemented and will continue to expand upon the following systems and initiatives:
  • 14 kW of solar panels installed for electricity production
  • Installed a power monitoring system and incentivised staff to reduce electricity consumption in all areas of the operation
  • Investigating a power management system to regulate output on high energy consuming equipment
  • Replaced all lighting with low wattage LED bulbs
  • Converted 12V circuits to eliminate transformers
  • Gas hobs for cooking
  • Installed 12 500 litre rain catchment tanks
  • Installed a grey water system in the laundry
  • Installed a borehole and filtration system for water supply
  • Installed flow restrictors in all showers
  • Added "WaterPebbles" to all showers to encourage shorter showering times
  • Added waterless hand sanitizer to bathrooms and kitchens
  • Implemented a linen reuse policy to cut down unnecessary washing
  • All waste is separated and recyclable items are collected weekly
  • Food waste is placed in Bokashi bins and converted into nutrient rich compost
  • A worm farm is used to break down fruit and vegetable waste
  • No excessive packaging allowed by suppliers
Charity and development
  • Condemned linen that is still functional is donated to local charities
  • Condemned towelling is donated to the Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG)
  • Regular monetary donations to the Street Smart Foundation
  • Intensive training and upskilling conducted with employees